Fractal Leadership for Industrial Company

Fractal geometry is based on patterns repeated in nature. The concept is simple, yet so vast and far-reaching. The concept of fractal geometry penetrates our existence; some scientists say that life itself is built on Fractal Geometry. Others say it is “God’s Fingerprint”. You will find fractals or repetitive patterns in all aspects of our universe. Fractal geometry is found in everything from behavior patterns to plants to sound waves. Life as we know it is built on this structure and life has grown for billions of years.

Scientists take mathematical equations and apply them to many things. One of the improvements they make is visual technology. They designed the software, which helped them take a big leap forward in the aeronautics industry. The Imaging software they are designing now is able to depict unlimited patterns in nature that help in visual simulation software designed for pilots in training.

In the law enforcement industry, they applied Fractal Geometry to their video surveillance technology to achieve much clearer images and video by applying the repeating patterns of the same image on top of the original image.

Fractals in Business Structure
If you look back in history, you will find fractal patterns. Military ranking systems, Monarchy/ Kingdom structures, the Egyptian pyramids, Family trees, ancient story telling passed down from generation to generation and even the structure of a song.

Based on the Fractal Geometry model, businesses structured in this fashion will also be self supporting and nurture growth. It is how people were designed to think, live, work and thrive. Like the human body, a business organization is similar in that it takes many parts to work together in order to thrive.

A lot of times when business systems fail, it’s because the leadership structure is flawed. Most commonly when there is one boss and many employees. This type of structure is inefficient because one person cannot manage such a large number of people effectively. Many employees leave based on the performance of their boss when the boss looses touch with them. When the relationship connection is lost, the vision and motivation soon follow.

With the fractal leadership system, there is a natural correction that takes place. Because the skills are multiplied and passed down, the employee can become the manager of the next tier easily and seamlessly. There is a natural restructuring that takes place. New managers are put into place, employees are re-assigned and the organization embraces change which makes the business more efficient. Healthy organisms in life are constantly growing and changing. The same should be true for organizations.

In order to cultivate growth, a relationship needs to be established with each fractal. Brief weekly meetings with your fractal are important to keep morale and motivation up. These weekly meetings should be focused on the employee’s personal needs, not so much the job. Talking about how they are doing, their family, hobbies etc., lets them know that the company cares about them, not just what they were hired to do.

Progressive companies allow these meetings to take place outside of the office. Coffee shops, restaurants, and cafes are perfect places for fractal meetings.

Larger company wide meetings are important for vision casting and company context. Having these full staff meetings will instill fresh vision in all of the fractals. Communication from the top tier is important for coordination of the organization as a whole. The “DNA” of the company should flow through all tiers.

The organization must build a company consisting of leaders. When looking for employees to add to your organization, do not hire those who can do it well, recruit those who can facilitate others to do well. A good leader also has a teachable heart and mind and will be open to instruction from the authorities. Leadership skills should be on the skills list for each employee. You may be thinking, “How does it work if everyone is a leader and no one is a follower?” A good leader leads by example and enters the trench and encourages others to do so as well.

This brings us to Character of potential hires. Training can be used to refine employees but good character should be the foundation of every hire. How do we find good character and leadership skills?

Employees need morale so that they can build confidence which in turn will lead to company pride. If a new employee has a sense of appreciation by the manager, it will make him begin to build a sense of ownership in his work. A good employee will accept the company’s vision and buy it. They are enthusiastic and proud of the company they work for. Hiring a manager must be a good character judge. Many new employees come from companies that fail to meet their needs. They left their other jobs for a reason. New employees have a mind-set that can be maintained, like a bad separation.